I’ve put 5 concepts together along with the seven brothers of success you’ll Win the game and get your prize. I want each of you to know a couple things before you start the game; The Secret to winning! The game has no Secrets, no magic potions or pumped up motivational speeches it comes from hard work, Playing the game over and over again, dedicating yourself to the game, to the team and the association with those that know the rules, that want to win and walk away with their Prize..






The penny prize in the Cracker Jack was the prize that made them millions…..

Gene Roush / Coach-G

With Purpose, Respect, Intelligence, Zen and all my Excellence I wish you my kind of success!.

One Name, One Place and One Touch Away!

Life is a game lets win the prize

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One thought on “Life is a game lets win the prize

  1. Coach-G says:

    I’ve been on a roll lately! True success is just One More Step away and I can only make that step with you by my side. Coach-G

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